(South Suburban Action Conference)

Committed to act against Injustice

2nd Vice President

Reverend Dr. Dale Lawson  Christ Temple Baptist Church, Markham IL
Reverend Dale A. Lawson has been the Pastor of Christ Temple Baptist Church for the past nine years. His commitment to his faith and to Christ Temple are strengths beyond measure that benefit our entire congregation. Pastor Lawson is married to Sis. Vallierie Lawson, Christ Temple's First Lady, also a dedicated and faithful servant in Christ. They have one son and one daughter, as well as 15 grandchildren.


Dr. Becky Adams has been Secretary for SSAC for many years.  She works endlessly in all areas of the organization and is a great advocate for Education.  Dr. Adams was the previous principal at Prairie Hills Academic Center & Markham Park School, before retiring in 2002, and then retired from National Louis University in 2014.  Dr. Adams have two children, five grand-children and one great-grandchild.  She serves as a faithful member of Christ Temple Baptist Church.

1st Vice President 

Wynell Verrett-Butler is an active member of Ascension St. Susanna Roman Catholic Church in Harvey.  She has been active with SSAC since it's inception and has been fighting for education equality for more than 25 years, taking the issues of education from the school house to the State and White House.  She is a widow, mother of two daughters, eleven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.


​Dr. Emma L. Dabney is treasurer of SSAC and has shown her eagerness to work and support the organization. She has a true love for GOD's work and is a member of Covenant United Church of Christ in South Holland, IL.   She retired from Southwest Cook County Cooperative for Special Education in 2012 after 26 years of service.   GOD blessed Dr. Dabney with 5 children, 4 daughters and 1 son; 14 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson.



Deacon  LaVonn Traylor  has recently taken the position as the president of South Suburban Action Conference. After becoming involved with SSAC, he was a member for two years and then was elected as President. Growing up he attended Chicago Public Schools and graduated from Morgan Park High School in 1976. He retired from M&M Mars after 22 years of service and attends South Suburban Missionary Baptist Church where he serves as Deacon. He takes great pride in helping and developing others to be more effective and powerful by pulling the best out of them. Deacon Traylor and his wife Belinda Ann Traylor have four children, three boys and one girl.